Galdhøpiggen climbing park

Galdhøpiggen climbing park consists of 8 tracks including a test track and a children’s trail. Here is the trot syntheses (zipline) and many different challenges. This is a great activity for families. Here you have different challenges in between trees up to 12 meters in height. The park is also suitable for businesses, terminations, bachelorette party, or other groups. Come to Galdhøpiggen climbing park to get a good experience.



It is built new children trail down in the park. It is designed so that adults can accompany the children on the track or on the ground, and help children, should this be needed. Children trail is designed so that you can go the whole course several times, or just part of it. This is something you can do while waiting for the others who are in the park.

The park has a total of 76 platforms, and should arouse “Tarzan” in most of us. The barbeque at the bottom of the park allows for refreshments after the climb. (Agreed in advance)


Extreme trail challenges even though the experienced climbing park enthusiast. This is a relatively short course with high intesitet where you get tried both psyche and balance. Here you must be over 160 cm long to try this

Give your friends / your family a real challenge, and invite them on a tour to climb the park! We can also make different arrangements with team building for companies and organizations. Consult us on or call us on 61212799


10:00-15:30 (showup)

Open for drop in


Over 140 kroppslengde340,-
Under 140 kropslengde 1250,-
Barn 4 – 7 år 2100,-
1 min. 110 kropslengde og min. 7 år.
2 under 110 kropslengde.