Lom activity park

Lom activity park is right in the center of Lom next to Sport 1 Lom and Brimibue. Here there are many activities for children and youth. In the activity park has a climbing tower, gyro trampoline and 9-hole miniature golf course. In addition to this there are also some free activities in and around the area. The mini golf course is new this year and is for the whole family. On Gyrotrampolinen is the most children who are having fun, but this is also fun as well as for others in the family. Climbing tower has 9 squares. Here are the easy routes for beginners and more difficult routes with overhangs for the more experienced. Outside the area there are also regular trampolines and scaterampe. We also rent out disks for disk golf. Diskgolbanen located in Bøverdalen, about 15km from the center of Lom.

You can contact and get useful information about activities you can take advantage of Lom and jotunheimen. Most of our guides know a lot about activities in Lom and Jotunheimen, and we will help you very happy to get a good experience both on activities, tours food and accommodation. Ask us, so we hope that we knead make their stay in Lom and Jotunheimen yet better.

Welcome to Aktiv i Lom

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Gyrotrampoline fr0m NOK kr 70,-  Minigolf from NOK kr 60,-   Klatring from NOK kr 60,-

Opening times:
18.06.16-01.07.16         11:00-16:00
02.07.16-30.07.16         11:00-18:00
01.08.16-21.08.16         11:00-16:00.

Tickets can be purchased at our reception outside Sport 1.