Prestfoss zipline

Under the bridge in the center of Lom, we tense up a Tyrolean traversing, we have called the Prestfosstraversen since it goes beyond Prest waterfall in the river Bøvra. Zipline is quite spectacular with a waterfall splashing water up against you, and a river that waves directly below your feet. Here hurtling you away beyond Prest waterfall and down the river. This gives an experience, not to mention a sense of accomplishment when you stand down by Nordal Mountain and has run over the falls, greetings to people sitting on the Bakery in Lom and enjoying a coffee, run under the bridge and along the river. Although traverse is quite spectacular, it is also quite kind so that most dare and try it.

This is an experience and a challenge for most people and well suited for both groups, schools and the regular tourist. The activity takes not a long time, so this is a nice little thing one can take the time almost no matter how busy you are having. During school holidays in the summer, we are open every day. Are you a group, do not hesitate to contact us to arrange another time, the hours do not fit.

See movie from Prestfosstravesen. KLIKK HER

Attendance at the Norwegian Mountain Museum is located on the west side of the bridge in the middle of Lom.

Prestfosstraversen Prestfosstraversen Prestfosstraversen
Open 2016
18.06.16-01.07.16         16:30-18:00
02.07.16-07.08.16         10:30-17:00
08.08.16-21.08.16         16:30-18:00
Pris: 170,-
Groups can arrange other times if desired, please contact