The Prestfoss Zip-line

An exciting Zip-line down the Bøvre River - at the very heart of Lom!

Lom Activity Park

Try our Gyro Trampoline, seek high-rope adventure in the new Climbing Tower or enjoy a round of Miniature Golf!

Amazing Glaciers!

Glacier hiking in Jotunheimen is an experience of a lifetime!

Experience the grand nature from our lavvo-camp!

Our Lavvo-camp is situated by the beautiful Raubergstulen - between the Visdalen Valley and the Bøverdalen Valley. You can't beat the view!

Experience Lom from the River!

Enjoy life and the grand nature from your kajakk - an amazing way to experience the surroundings!

Summit-hiking in Jotunheimen!

Grand. Challenging. Available.

Galdhøpiggen High Rope park - mastery and fun!

Challenges for all ages - where did the time go?


Jotunheimen Panorama

Almost soaring above beautiful Bøverdalen valley lies the arctic domes Hugin and Munin. Just beneath the Juvass plateau awaiting guests in search for the extra special accommodation. Every morning, at the break of dawn, Hugin and Munin flies out into the world. Dei fly across both Åsgard and Midgard. They take notice of all what…

Lom Activity Park

Lom Activity Park lies in the middle of Lom, next to Sport 1. In the activity park we have climbing tower, gyro trampoline, a 9-hole mini golf course, a new Pump Track-course and a new Pedal Gokart-course. In addition, there are some free of charge activities in and around the area. The golf course is…

Prestfossen Zip-Line

  This  is a spectacular experience right in the middle of Lom. The Zip Line takes you down the Bøvre River, over the waterfall down to the end by Nordal Turistsenter. This is a super activity for the adventurous, but it is also a an activity suitable for first-timers! Feeling of achievement guaranteed! For booking…

Glacier Hikes

Are you an eager adventurer looking for a close contact with ice?  A day on the blue ice of Bøverbrean glacier is a memory of a lifetime. We adapt our hikes according to the clients preferences and level of skills. Our goal is to give you an exceptional experience in an unusual element.  Lom and…

Hiking in Jotunheimen

Hiking in Jotunheimen and Lom gives you the opportunity to choose between a range of different destinations; from easy and family-friendly to more extreme and advanced. Mostly all of the peaks found in Jotunheimen and Lom are higher than 2000 metres above sea-level. You can go hiking in the afternoon for 2-3 hours and still…

Galdhøpiggen High Rope-course

Galdhøpiggen high Rope-course has 6 tracks and a child track and a test-course. Some tracks start at 1 m above the ground whereas the highest tracks go up to 12 m. The park consists of 76 platforms and challenges (16 of them being zip lines) rendering you memorable experiences. CHILD TRACK We’ve built a new…

You'll find us here:

Aktiv i Lom is situated at several locations in Lom and Bøverdalen Valley.

You will find the Gladhøpigen High Rope Park in Bøverdalen valley in Lom municipalty. Closes neighbour to Raubergstulen, just below the location of mighty Gldhøpiggen. The park has an unique location, offering a fantastic view of the Bøverdalen Valley.

Lom Activity park is situated in the middel of Lom , at the municipalcenter of Fossberg. We share adress with Sport 1, sportsequipmentstore. We can offer parking and fun activities for children and grown-ups!

The Prestfoss Zip-line is located by the River Bøvre, close to Norsk Fjellsenter.

Lom Municipalty is right in the middel of Norway, almost the same distance from Bergen, Trondheim and Oslo. The national highways of Rv 15 an Rv55 both takes you to Lom.