Galdhøpiggen high Rope-course has 6 tracks and a child track and a test-course. Some tracks start at 1 m above the ground whereas the highest tracks go up to 12 m. The park consists of 76 platforms and challenges (16 of them being zip lines) rendering you memorable experiences.


We’ve built a new child-track in the park. It is made so that grownups can follow their youngsters on the track or from the ground assisting them if needed. The child-track’s construction gives an opportunity to either take the whole track or parts of it. This is something you can be occupied with while waiting for the others in the park. The 76 impressing platforms and challenges will most certainly awaken the Tarzan in you!


The extreme-track challenges even experienced climbers. It is a relatively short but highly intense track where both mind and balance are put on trial. You need to be over 160 cm high to be able to take this one on.

Give your friends or family a proper challenge by inviting them to the High Rope-course!

We can tailor different activities with teambuilding for companies and organisations.

Contact us at or by phone +47 61212799.


24.06.17- 20.08.17       10:00 am -15:00 pm (17:00 pm)

Guest need to arrive before 15:00 pm, the High Rope-course closes at 17:00 pm.

The High Rope-course is open for groups all around the year. Call +47 61212799 or send an email to for booking.


(due to body height)

Over 140 cm (4’7”) 340,-

Less than 140 cm1 250,-

Children 4-7 years2 100,-

1 At least 110 cm (3’7”) and 7 years.

2 Less than 110 cm

Groups of more than 10 persons have to make an appointment in advance.

Children under 11 years must be accompanied by grownups.