Are you an eager adventurer looking for a close contact with ice? 

A day on the blue ice of Bøverbrean glacier is a memory of a lifetime. We adapt our hikes according to the clients preferences and level of skills. Our goal is to give you an exceptional experience in an unusual element.  Lom and Jotunheimen can offer a wide range of glaciers – from snowcovered, plane to rugged, blueice cavasses and towers.

Our guided glacier hikes are most frequently on the Bøverbrean glacier. A regular days duration is aprox. 5-6 hours. Meet-up is on the parkinglot be Krossbu Turiststasjon at 0940 am. Make sure you book the tour before 1800 pm the night before.


We bring:

Cramp-on’s, ice axe, harness and helmet for you.

Personal equipment you need to bring:

  • Windtight/watertight pants and jacket.
  • Hikingboots with a solide grip, above ancel level.
  • Backpack with room for your own equipment and the equipment we bring for you.
  • 1 or 2 extra baselayer clothes, preferably wool.
  • 1 warm sweater, in case of cold weather.
  • hats and mittens.
  • Food and drink for a long day out.
  • Sunglases and sunscreen lotion.

We have schedueled regular glacier hikes Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 8.7.2017 to 30.7.2017. Please book before 1800pm the night before.

Before and after these dates it is possible to book guided glacier hikes – please contact us at