Hiking in Jotunheimen and Lom gives you the opportunity to choose between a range of different destinations; from easy and family-friendly to more extreme and advanced. Mostly all of the peaks found in Jotunheimen and Lom are higher than 2000 metres above sea-level. You can go hiking in the afternoon for 2-3 hours and still summit one of these mighty peaks! For a full day experience we can recommend combining a glacier- and summit-tour. If you are seeking the extreme and advanced – we will be happy to set up a full day tour including glacier-crossing and summiting as many as 10 2000 m.a.s. peaks!

Jotunheimen offers a variety of destinations for all levels of experience. We are happy to help you plan your tour and we can also recommend accommodation nearby. We also have other activities which can be combined with a hiking-tour for a full weekend experience.

Our guides are experienced, and will guide you safely throughout the mountain-area.