Almost soaring above beautiful Bøverdalen valley lies the arctic domes Hugin and Munin. Just beneath the Juvass plateau awaiting guests in search for the extra special accommodation.

Every morning, at the break of dawn, Hugin and Munin flies out into the world. Dei fly across both Åsgard and Midgard. They take notice of all what they hear- all what they see. In the evening the return to sit on the shoulders of Odin, whispering into his ears what they have seen and heard in both worlds; the humans and the Gods.

Our intension is for you, as our guest, to build a memory of being close to the grand nature around the domes and to have had the opportunity to let your thoughts fly.

The domes have comfortable grand lit beds, equiped with simple tea kitchen (water boiler) and a refridgerator. Toilet facilities are located by the parking area. Per today we do not offer shower possibilities. The Domes are not contected to water supply and all water has to be brought to the Domes by the guests.

The Domes and the area surrounding them are no-smoking - please respect this. Pets are not welcome as guest.

The focus is on the view and the possibility for destressing in the mids of the grand landscape.

There is walking distance from the domes to Galdhøpiggen High rope park, to Raubergstulen tourist hut, 9 km to drive up to Juvasshytta and 24 km to the municipal centre of Lom.
Booking is open from 1st of August 2018 via