Lom Activity Park lies in the middle of Lom, next to Sport 1. In the activity park we have climbing tower, gyro trampoline, a 9-hole mini golf course, a new Pump Track-course and a new Pedal Gokart-course. In addition, there are some free of charge activities in and around the area.

The golf course is suited for whole family. On the gyro trampoline we see kids most of the time, but this is a fun activity for all family members. The climbing tower has multiple climbingrouts and it is brand new the season of 2017, along with the Pump Track-course and the pedal Gokart-course. The last three activities are all suitable for families – fun has no age here! Outside the area there are regular trampolines and a skateboard ramp.

You can also rent discs for disc golf (Frisbee golf). The disc golf course is situated in the Bøverdalen valley, about 15 km west of Lom (Route 55).

Visit Lom Activity Park and try out our range of activities – prices season 2017

  • 9 hole mini golf NOK 75,- per person/ NOK 195,- per family
  • Gyro Trampoline NOK 80,- per 7 minutes
  • Pump track-course/ Pedal Gokart-course    NOK 90,- per day. Family ( 2 adults and max. 3 children) NOK 210,- per day.  You can use your own bicycle og rent one; the price for renting is NOK 100,- pr. hour. Helmets are required personal equipment and must be worn at all time during activity. Safety during activity at the Pump Track-course/Pedal Gokart-course is the responsibility of the guest.

Opening Hours Lom Activitypark:

26.05.18: 11.00 to 16:00

23.06.18-01.07.18             11:00-16:00

02.07.18-12.08.18            11:00-18:00

13.08.18-19.08.18            11:00-16:00